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We are a video production company that specializes in creating videos that go beyond looking great with intentional strategy to drive results. Our use of psychology principles help us engage viewers, keep them interested, and achieve the specific goal we set out to accomplish with your video.

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Nolan Koop


Content Strategist

Meet Nolan, a passionate filmmaker and content creator who specializes in breathtaking cinematography and genius strategies. 


His love for filmmaking dates back to his childhood, where he first began making videos on his Dad's old camcorder.


Today, Nolan has over 400,000 followers across various social media platforms and uses his knowledge and skills to help his clients achieve their video production goals.

Introducing Konstantin, our video editor who's video production journey began over 10 years ago.


Over the past decade working in the field he has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in video editing as well as storytelling. 


Konstantin is passionate about his work and strives to exceed client expectations.


Konstantin Makovetskii

Video Editor

Visual FX Artist

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  • How much does a video cost?
    There are so many factors that go into what a video will cost it's impossible to give a "one size fits all" price. A video can be as simple as a single shot of someone talking to the camera, or it can be a full-blown production with actors, special effects, and everything in between. We'll work with you on the details of what exactly you're looking for so that we can give you an accurate quote up front.
  • What cities do you service?
    We service Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. Reach out to us for requested cities.
  • Can you help come up with ideas?
    Yes of course! We pride ourselves on being able to come up with innovative and creative ideas. We brainstorm daily to keep our minds sharp so you can basically borrow them.
  • What industry do you make videos for?
    We work with a wide range of industries and have a ton of experience in most, so no matter what your field or niche is, we can create compelling video content that meets your unique needs.
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